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art exhibition
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Your Art Exhibition

If you plan on having an art exhibition, there are a few things to consider before jumping in at the deep end.

Artists selling art should consider the following points.

  1. Is the art gallery a reputable one and how long has it been in business
  2. What will the cost to you, the artist, be
  3. Consider the cost of getting your art to the art gallery
  4. What about transport costs and insurance, both theft and damage in transit
  5. Does the gallery have public liability insurance
  6. Does the gallery ask for you to waive your copyright
  7. Will the art gallery advertise and promote your art exhibition
  8. Is the art show to be all yours or a shared one
  9. Will the art exhibition advance your standing as an artist in the wider art community
  10. Does the art gallery have good access

While this list of items may appear daunting, do not be put off by it.

Take your time checking the preparations for the show and good luck

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