Americas Cup Race

americas cup race

Americas Cup Race Begins

On this day in 1851, the first ever Americas Cup Race was held.

The race was a 53 nautical mile course around the Isle Of Wight of the coast of Great Britain. That was 66.3 normal miles to you fellow landlubbers.

The original race name was the Hundred Guineas Cup and was changed to the Americas Cup after the vessel that won that day. The Americas Cup yacht team was led by Commodore John Cox Stevens.

The Americas Cup race is believed to be the oldest international sporting trophy that is still held today.

132 Year Reign

In 1983, the 132 year run of the New York Yacht Club was brought to an end by the entry from the Royal Parth Yacht Club, Australia. Captained by John Bertrand, Australia II won the match races to ultimately win the trophy. Australia II had a revolutionary “winged” keel. Designed by Ben Lexcen, the Alan Bond owned vessel was built in Fremantle by Steve Ward.

Australia II is permanently on display at the Western Australian Maritime Museum in Fremantle.

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