Alternative Art Techniques

Alternative Art Techniques Explained

Alternative art, what is it really?


Alternative artists include painters who use unusual ways, or tools, to put the paint onto the chosen surface.


I have read of artists using a fan to “blow” paint onto a canvas, one uses a jet engine, achieving truly abstract and unique effects.


You can see Jet Artist Painter, Princess Tarinan Von Anhalt demonstrate this on youtube




Another alternative form of art is to paint by balloon. Instead of making water bombs you make paint bombs. Throw them at your canvas to create uncontrollable patterns.

Paint Pouring


This alternative art technique is best done with special paints, Golden make a good selection. You get the effect by diluting the paints and mixing with pouring medium.


Drizzle the paints across the surface, apply some drips, drag the paint around with spatulas, cards, combs or whatever takes your fancy. Tilt the painting to and fro to let the paints combine a little too.


The beauty is in the fact that you need to let go and let the paint dictate the final result. It will most likely keep moving on it’s own accord long after you decide you have finished

Glad Wrap


Create odd patterns on wet paint using cling film. For an experiment, dilute four or five bright colours and lay them your choice of substrate in broad diagonal patterns.


Go over them, patting the wet paint gently with crumpled glad wrap. Each pat should give a different result as the cling film’s creases will alter with each appliction.


I hope these few ideas have inspired you to try something new.


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