5 Things That Happened On July 4th

crab nebula

Independance Day For The USA

It was on this day in July 1776 that America declared its independence from Great Britain.


It was actually on July 2nd that the Second Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, voted unanimously to pass the independence vote.


The British made attempts to quash the independence in August 1776 and early in 1777. The American Continental Army pushed them back retaining the earlier declared independence.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

1865 saw the first publication of Lewis Caroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. A story that has truly stood the test of time, being reprinted many times and made into a movie which is an absolute classic.

Israeli Commando Raid

On this day in 1976 103 hostages were rescued by an Israeli commando force.


They had been on a French airliner that had been hijacked en route from Israel to France

Crab Nebula Discovered

History tells us that in 1054, a supernova, that we now know to be 6500 light-years away, in the constellation Taurus became visible from Earth.


The remnants of this massive explosion in space are what formed the Crab Nebula

Marie Curie Dies

1934 saw the passing of Marie Curie.


She discovered, with her husband the elements polonium and radium. The Nobel Prize was awarded to her twice. Once in 1903 for Physics and again in 1911 for Chemistry.


The discoveries she made in radioactive materials led to what we now call Radiography, or X-Rays.

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