5 Reasons To Be Angry About Climate Change

melting ice cap
Stranded Polar Bear
Chris Stefanis

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You Should Be Angry About Climate Change

5. Polar ice caps melting due to climate change.

Every year the ice cap surrounding the North Pole increases it’s size in winter and reduces again in summer. The problem is, every year the melt starts earlier and eats further into the ice cap than the previous year did.

Polar Bears hunting for food run the serious risk of being stranded on the ice flow. Whilst they are good swimmers, they still may end up too far from stable land and could drown due to fatigue.

As the ice cap melts more each year, the sea and ocean levels rise just that little bit.

4. Our Coastlines Disppear

Coastal Erosion
Coastal Erosion Is Real

As the oceans rise and the weather events become more extreme, our coastlines will disappear. The added severity of storms will cause coastal erosion. Homes near the coast may well crash into the sea. This is happening now in the UK where the erosion is so severe that the village of Happisburgh has been nearly totally lost to the sea.*

3. More Land Becomes Desert

desert landscape
More Deserts Will Occur

Rain will become more and more unreliable, creating more desert conditions, which in turn create more loss of crops and livestock.

livestock starving
Loss Of Livestock

The past summer in Australia saw huge livestock losses in areas that were starved of rainfall. Without the charity that provided hay for the farmers, the losses would have been far greater.

2. Floods and Tidal Surges

widespread flooding
Widespread Floods

With the more severe weather events such as increased cyclones, we will experience floods on a massive scale.

Again, livestock and crops will be lost. Property damage can be expected too. Flash floods may become more frequent as the arid desert areas allow water from storm rainfall to flow freely across the parched soil becoming almost an inland tide sweeping clear all before it.

Our Government Seems Indifferent to Climate Changes

climate changes
Climate Changes

It is not only the Morrison government that seems indifferent to climate changes. Our local government do not seem to care either. Certainly, in Western Australia, this appears to be the case.

Water is our most precious commodity. Without it, nothing lives.

Throughout the summer months, while we, the populace, are forced to endure water restrictions, the shires merrily water the parks and gardens under their care all day long.

I am sure that you, as well as I, have seen sprinkler systems running well after 9 am and before 6 pm!

The excuse offered is that these sprinklers are fed by bore water. Bore water is pumped from the water table, or subterranean aquifer, not from scheme water. But surely this water is being wasted due to evaporation. And the more it evaporates due to being used in the heat of the day, the more the water reserves underground will be used up.

So if nothing else, let us at least get our governing bodies to make the simple change of timer settings to stop wasting water.

Reference Happisburgh

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