5 Of The Most Unusual Bizarre Plants You Will Ever See

Bizarre Plants And Flowers

Lets kick off with this bizarre plant. The Virgin In The Green.


This is actually the bud of the flower and it protects itself by surrounding itself with a nest of sharp spikes.


I do not profess to know what predator it is protecting itself from, perhaps you can enlighten me?

virgin in the green

Below is The Virgin In The Green in full bloom. It probably looks even weirder than it did as a bud.

bizarre plants
Virgin In The Green - A bizarre plant

Our second bizarre plant is not very bizarre or even a little weird. That is, if you live in Australia. I am sure it will look a bit bizarre to those of you who have never met her before.


Pictured below, she is The Hairpin Banksia.

bizarre plants

Next up is this delicate beauty is an unusual looking orchid, genus Cirrhopetalum.


If anyone can tell me the common name for this flower / plant it would be much appreciated.

weird plants

Then for number four we have the gorgeously weird and wonderful Beehive Ginger.


You can see from the distinctive shape how they came by this common name.


Plus there are (for want of a better word) little fruits that appear to look like a bee.

And finally, not really a plant or a flower, but I could not resist including it since it looks weird, bizarre and disgusting all at the same time.


Our fifth and final plant is the Jelly Fungus. Not a jelly I would fancy eating.

bizarre plants

I hope you have enjoyed this little sojourn into the fascinating world of plants.

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