5 Hobbies To Enjoy

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5 Hobbies To Enjoy

Jumpstart Your Hobbies

Hobbies. Why have them at all? If you have a hobby, it will provide you with the opportunity to zone out from the pressures of daily living in today’s society. Here are five hobbies to enjoy.

Hobbies, in general, are good for your soul. It does not matter if you paint as a hobby, build models, race miniature cars or play golf. No matter what you choose as your hobby, the simple act of thinking about what you are doing is going to push the pressures away, except maybe if you decide to take up the next one which can, at times, be frustrating.

hobbies to enjoy
Fishing As A Hobby

Fishing As Hobby

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies to enjoy. Some will keep you constantly on the move meaning you will get some light exercise while you fish, such as fly fishing shown above. Other fishing methods like bait fishing or match fishing may mean you are seated in the one spot at length. While concentrating on feeling for a bite you can also use the time as an opportunity to meditate a little.


How About Beekeeping?

If you were to take up beekeeping as another enjoyable hobby, you would need to invest a little money in it. You will need hives, a suit, and will need to source a Queen for your colony. You can buy these easily. I will give you a source for them. As to the hives you can get cheap as chips ones through eBay.

artists brushes
Artists Brushes

Painting As A Hobby

Are interested in becoming an artist? You do not need to have formal training to succeed as an artist. There are numerous guides and video learning options around to help you get started. As an artist, you can spend very little on your materials to get started.

You can purchase a 123 piece art set in a presentation box from eBay for just $43. An artists sketch or painting pad can be bought for under $10 from Officeworks.

Creating art is something anyone can do. Plus you can advertise your paintings for sale and cover the cost of your hobby. OK, so you say you can’t draw to save your life. Well, you don’t need to. Some of the best and most expensive art ever made is abstract art.



Photography has changed massively since digital cameras became available. The resolution on early cameras was not the best but nowadays they are almost equal to the best film and camera combinations of the 1980s.

There are camera clubs and forums galore to help you in your edification in the art of photography.

Stand Up Paddle Board

The Sup-board or Paddle Board

Combine exercise and a commune with nature.  Hop on your sup-board and gently paddle out on calm waters in an estuary, bay or on a river. You can take your best mate with you and simply enjoy the serenity of smoothly gliding along the surface of the water.

A word of caution here though. remember that you may encounter a headwind or opposing current as you paddle back to your landing stage. So, keep some energy in reserve!

You can spend as little as $290 to well over $5,000 on one.

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