World Habitat Day


World Habitat Day

Normally falling on the first Monday in October, World Habitat Day has landed on the 1st of the month.


I will bet that your first thoughts are that I am about to tell you of the plight of the Lesser Banded Red Plover. While such a bird may well exist and be in trouble, that is not what World Habitat Day is about.


Yes, roofing is a commodity we are truly short of. That is to say, we have a serious worldwide problem where people do not have a decent roof over their heads.


It is estimated that there are currently 1 billion people living in slums and shanty towns.

It is further estimated that there will be, by the year 2030 there will be 1 in 4 people living in a slum or shanty town. Given the population growth estimates available, that will be over 2 billion human beings living in slums.

The Solution

I wish I had one. I think that only the worlds leaders can make a difference to the situation. According to Captain Picard, of the starship Enterprise, there will come a time when we, as one human race, will join together as one and forgo the constant need for materialistic things and put our fellow man first.

Let us hope and pray to your God that this happens before the situation goes too far.

Notable Events For October

events for october

Events For October 2018

Here is a list of events for October that are worthy of your attention.

Mental Health Month

Mental health is something many of you would like to ignore. But it can no longer be ignored. Mental Health affects all of us. There are days throughout the year when we are reminded of this terrible affliction, such as RUOK Day. But we should be looking out for each other on a daily basis. For instance, if you see bullying at school, go to the office and report it. The child being bullied is probably too scared to do so.

Pizza Month

October is also pizza month. Why not do something outrageous? Order a real pizza for a change. A real pizza should have a thin crispy base and be topped with tomato sauce, onion, mushroom, capsicum, ground beef, oregano and mozzarella cheese.

It should not have things like a stuffed crust, fried egg, custard etc on it.

Family History Month

This is also the month for researching your family history. There are several sites out there to help you with this. Ancestry dot com is the most advertised. Just search genealogy and you will find lots of resources.

Fair Trade Month

Live dangerously. Try fair trade products for a change. Fairtrade products are items that have usually been sourced from developing countries. The fair trade program helps those countries to become more economically viable in the world trade markets.


Protect Your Dog From Snakes

protect your dog from snakes

Snake bite is a real threat – Protect your dog from snakes

It is that time of year again. Spring always brings the threat of snake bites in Australia so it is important to learn how to protect your dog from snakes.

The Forecast

The Weather bureau has released the long range forecast for Australia and it is not good. They are predicting a higher than normal amount of dry days plus warmer average temperatures for spring.

This will bring snakes out of hibernation and they will start to seek food and water.

The “Animal Ark” organization will be putting on  workshop to help protect your dog from snakes. The aim of the workshop is to enable owners to train their pets to leave a snake alone when they see it, rather than think it is a toy.

Two one day workshops titled “Snake Avoidance Training For Dogs” will be run in Bunbury, Western Australia, by Mr David Manning on October 13th and 14th.

For further information visit

Two Wise Monkeys Disability and Accessibility

guide dogs australia
Disability and Accessibility

2 Wise Monkeys - Disability and Accessibility - A Frontline Workshop

Disability and accessibility are often spoken about in the same sentence. Anyone with a disability knows only too well that access to things most of us take for granted is at best OK and more likely awkward, difficult or just not possible.

In this workshop, you will learn to understand the true meaning of the phrase disability and accessibility.  This workshop, by 30 Foot Drop, focuses on training staff who are in direct contact with customers. Empathy and communication plus accessibility issues will be discussed.

This free workshop is a two-hour session which may well help you in striving to be a better person as a whole. It will be held between 2 and 4 pm on Wednesday, October the 10th, at Maker + Co, 75b Victoria Street, Bunbury, WA 6230.

To register for this free workshop, click here.

Bunbury Events For September 13th

Bunbury Events For September 13th

Bunbury Events For September 13th Learn Make-Up Skills

You will learn how to do your make-up that goes from day to night. This free class in Bunbury Public Library suits everyone from beginners to the more advanced.

whats on in bunbury

Places are limited so contact the library and book your spot now.

Location and time:

Bunbury Public Library,
Parkfield Street,

Thurs. sept 13th, 5.30 till 7.30pm