World No Tobacco Day

Today Is World No Tobacco Day. A great day to improve your lot in life.

World No Tobacco Day

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The World Health Oganisation has declared My 31st as World No Tobacco Day.

Like it says in the infographic, over 2 million deaths from cardiovascular disease worldwide every year.

So why is there an upsurge in Shisha?


We are about to get a Shisha bar in Bunbury.


For those of you who do not know, Shisha involves the smoking of flavoured tobacco from a hookah.

world no tobacco day

The tobacco is smoked through liquid. I am nor sure why it is done like this. Seems to me a bit like smoking marjuauna (something I do not do!).

Smoking tobacco in this way does not prevent the intake of nicotine.


Nicotine is what people who cant give up cigarettes are addicted to.

world no tobacco day

So you can see that smoking a hookah is every bit as bad for your health as smoking cigarettes is.


Dont turn yourself into a statistic. Give up smoking altogether, your GP can help with that.


And please, please, do not try the hookah. Not even once, or even one puff.

Today Is World MS Day

Today Is World MS Day. If you have not been touched by MS, you do not know how lucky you are.

world ms day

World MS Day is always on 30 May each and every year.


While there are events throughout the month of May, it is May 30th that unites the global MS community.


It is a day for people to get together and share their story.

MS (multiple sclerosis) can strike down even the healthiest of young individuals.

The MS International Federation was started in 2009 and focuses its efforts on a different theme each year.


Its estimated that there are some 2.3 million people suffering with MS worldwide. MS is known to be the most common neurological condition to afflict young adults.


If you have ever known someone who contracts this disease you will now how horrific it can be.

MS has no “rhyme nor reason”.


Weak limbs, blurred vision, unsteadiness, tingling semsations, constant tiredness and memory loss are some of the symptoms.

What can you do to help? Donate to the research or even just share this information around. The more awareness there is, the better.

world ms day

There are two sets of MS profiles I am sharing:


Sarah and Millie Horton

Carol Langsford


Sarah and Millie Horton got involved in the fight to raise awareness and funds since their Mother got MS before they were born and had to watch her get worse as they grew up feeling scared and frustrated.


Carol Langsford and her husband lost their daughter Trish to MS. They had to stand by and see their daughter change from a  young athlete to someone residing in a nursing home in just a few years.


Trish was totally paralysed and spent the last four years of her life in palliative care being fed artificially before passing.

Visit World MS Day for more information here.

Wear White at Work Day For Suicide And Mental Illness

Today Is Wear White at Work Day For Suicide And Mental Illness

Suicide And Mental Illness

Wear White at Work Day For Suicide And Mental Illness is an opportunity to show your support for people carrying the silent killer around all day every day.

Depression can stem from literally hundreds of situations.


Being bullied at school, sports or work.


The loss of a pet.


An accumulation of events throughout life. These small events may be insignificant in themselves but they can add up to a lot.

If you suffer from this terrible affliction, there is help available.

Suicide And Mental Illness

In Australia we also have an RUOK? Day. The thing is, you can ask someone that question on any day in the year.


If you know someone whose mood has changed recently, just ask “how are doing?”

Remember, someone experiencing difficulty in dealing with life may feel that they are worthless, insignificant etc. Just by asking the question may give them the small boost needed to seek help.

Suicide And Mental Illness

The best place to seek help is with your GP. You can even go to a GP that has never seen you before if it will help you overcome any embarrassment. Remember though, there is no reason to be embarrassed. No matter what you tell a GP, they are equipped to help you.

International Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories

This Week Is International Week of Solidarity with thePeoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories

International Week of Solidarity

It was in 1946 that many UN Members identified a problem. There was a number of Territories under the administration of the UN that were not self-governing. The UN then placed them on a list.


Countries that administ Non-Self-Governing Territories are referred to as administering powers. Due to decolonization over time, most Territories were removed from this list.

International Week of Solidarity

Chapter XI of the UN Charter or the “Declaration regarding Non-Self-Governing Territories” is designed to ensure that those countries administering these territories make the welfare of the people the top priority.

There are seventeen countries classed as Non-Self-Governing Territories

Chapter XI of the UN Charter - the Declaration regarding Non-Self-Governing Territories

As you can see below, there are some administrated by the UK, USA, France and New Zealand.


The data from this table was obtained from United Nations Secretariat 2017 Working Papers on NSGTs, and for Western Sahara, from UNdata, (

  1. Spain is now exempted from admisistration.



Area (




Western Sahara

Spain 1






United Kingdom




United Kingdom



British Virgin Islands

United Kingdom



Cayman Islands

United Kingdom



Falkland Islands (Malvinas)3

United Kingdom




United Kingdom



St. Helena

United Kingdom



Turks and Caicos Islands

United Kingdom



United States Virgin Islands

United States






United Kingdom





American Samoa

United States



French Polynesia4





United States



New Caledonia5





United Kingdom




New Zealand



Today Marks The Abolition of Slavery

Today Is Abolition of Slavery Day For Guadeloupe

Abolition of Slavery

Guadeloupe is an island in the Caribbean. The Caribbean, in general, struggled to end slavery. It was eventually abolished completely in 1848.

Around 25% of the worlds children are still in slavery. There is about 12.5% of people trapped into prostitution which is not a lifestyle choice for them.

Labour slavery exists too. Sweat shops overseas making cheap clothing and shoes for the western market is one example, but there are reports of slavery for things like farming and brick making.

aboliton of slavery

These slavery statistics come from the U.N. International Labor Organization, Walk Free and the International Organization for Migration (credit to